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Day 18 Action: Thursday, Sept. 29 Olympic Lifting Clinic with Dan Allaire

  • Dan Allaire (Danimal) will be running the entire show today from 8:05 to 2:10.
  • Arrive on time and be ready to listen and learn the Snatch.

Check out the folloowing video:


listening to Coach Danimal





Day 17 Action: Wednesday, Sept. 28 Keep working the maxes


  • hips
  • shoulders


  • continue to get through your test sheets


  • Be on time for Olympic Lifting clinic tomorrow! Dan Allaire from Caveman Strong will be here all day with one of his lifters.

Day 16: Tuesday, Sept. 27 Max test week continues…

Please remember to bring in cash for t-shirts!

  • once you have warmed up and stretched out, work your way through the Maximum tests
  • check out some of the Strength Standards in the RESOURCES section of the blog
  • don’t forget that we have Dan Allaire coming in Thursday for Oly Lifting seminar

Day 15: Monday, Sept. 26 HERE WE GO! MAX TESTS!

  • this week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday we will be establishing our fitness baselines
  • in other words, we will determine what you are capable of lifting, throwing, pushing, pulling, running and jumping
  • you need to warm up properly and ensure that you are aware of the test guidelines.
  • SAFETY is PRIORITY #1: do not exceed you limits and progress sensibly to a sensible max
  • full range of movement is critical
  •   these are your maximums; we are finding our current level of fitness, so that in 4 months, we will know how much progress we have made.
  • record all efforts


  • pick a stretch you need to do and make sure you are warmed up (skip, push ups)


  • pick up your Max Testing sheet and get through the list. You have 4 days, so plan and execute.
  1. 50 m dash
  2. 1 mile run (yes, 4 laps)
  3. shuttle run (in the gym)
  4. Prowler Push
  5. Reverse Med Ball throw (4kg/7kg)
  6. Standing Long Jump
  7. Standing Press (no leg involvement)
  8. Push Press (can use legs)
  9. Bench Press
  10. Deadlift
  11. Front Squat
  12. Back Squat
  13. Power Clean
  14. Max Push ups
  15. Dips
  16. Dip weight as % BW
  17. Pull ups
  18. Pull up weight as % BW
  19. CrossFit Baseline (500m row, 40 squats, 30 sit ups, 20 push ups, 10 pull ups)
  20. Farmer’s Carry with 1/2 BW for distance


Saturday, Sept. 24 Food for Thought Concerning Goals

Performance Based Goals


How many times have you said, “my goal is to lose 10 pounds.” ?  Were you successful?  The problem with asthetic based goals is, they don’t work.  One of the main reasons is that it isn’t absolute.  Even a goal such as “losing 10 pounds” can easily get blurred if you are doing any resistance training and you happen to gain some muscle.  Also, having a 10 pound weight loss as your goal isn’t that strong of a motivator when you are tempted with junk food items or you are on the last round of a grueling workout and you want to slow down, or even quit (see Wednesday’s WOD).  Performance based goals, on the other hand, are absolute, they can be performed, documented, and repeated.  Others can validate these goals as they see you perform them.  They are unequivocally superior to asthetic based goals!  At this point you may agree that performance goals are great, but you are still thinking, “…I don’t care if I can do 30 pullups, run a 6 minute mile, and deadlift 2x my body weight…. I WANT TO HAVE A SEXY SIX PACK!!”  The key here is to set performance goals, train for them, and train hard.  By doing so you will, without a doubt, achieve the body you desire.  Try it, the cool thing is it’s pretty damn fun along the way… you’ll be doing things your friends find impossible and probably even things you previously thought impossible.

Credit (

I’ll be happy to help anyone brainstorm a couple of short and long term performance based goals.

KETTLEBELL Kraziness: Friday, Sept. 23

  • I hope everybody enjoyed the session with Angie – she will return, so you better practice in between!
  • we will start our Maximum Test week on Monday!!

Here are some videos and pcitures from the session today!

Liz rockin/ the ropes! Perfect form!


Shayles doing her Dad proud...



Day 14 Action: Friday, Sept.23 Kettlebell Session with Iron Angel


  • Angie is running the whole show today – give her your full attention
  • arrive as quickly as possible
  • listen and observe attentively
  • work hard


20 things that are great about kettlebells! “Kettlebell fitness”

1. Serious cardio, with out stationary boredom! Like a treadmill!!2. Functional strength without the monotony of isolated reps

3. Flexibility without long poses

4. Fun and varied, never boring, constantly changing!

5. One compact, portable device

6. It’s safe — for any age, shape or size

7. Combines “cardio” and “strength” training
As one of the best kettlebell coaches once said, “life doesn’t respect the difference.” Try sprinting to catch a train while carrying a heavy package or pushing a stroller, did all that “cardio” training you did in “step class” or on the recumbent bike really help that much?

8. The solution for busy people
Busy people want the biggest bang for the buck. Kettlebells can be the solution to trying to squeeze cardio, strength AND flexibility training in a busy life. Because it is intense, the workout duration is kept short. Best of all, they are so small and portable, training can take place in your bedroom.

9. Greater fat loss 
Fat gets the ol’ one-two-three punch. First, there is the extremely high metabolic cost of throwing the weight around. Second, it’s a strength training workout creating dense muscle mass, which burns calories from fat stores all day long while increasing your resting metabolism. Finally, combine that with the fat burning effects of human growth hormone that is stimulated by these kinds of whole-body, complex movements. There is no better way to burn fat. 

10. Very different from dumbbells and barbells
Anyone who has picked up a kettlebell has felt the difference. The off centered weight of a KB recruits more stabilizer muscles and works the targeted muscles through a wider range of motion. It’s because of the off-center design of the KB. Isolation exercises such as those done with dumbbells and barbells do not hit those stabilizing muscles to the same degree.

11. Strengthens every muscle from head-to-toe
Kettlebell training consists of whole-body movement exercises. It’s well-known that compound, whole body movements typical of kettlebell exercises are superior to machines that isolate muscles for improving muscle tone, body composition, and strength. Kettlebells strengthen the tendons and ligaments, making the joints tougher and less-susceptible to injury.
12. Don’t confuse kettlebells with conventional weight training or bodybuilding. We focus on (a) movements, not muscles, (b) whole-body, functional training, (c) strength as a function of mobility, (d) cardio and strength combined

13. It’s enjoyable 
Let’s face it, most exercise is boring. Kettlebell training is quick and enjoyable, which is one of the reasons you’ll stick with it. 

14. Saves Money
Gym memberships and personal trainers or quality in-home equipment are usually very expensive. But with a single kettlebell, you can have everything you need to create a healthy, fit and toned body for the rest of your life. They are nearly indestructible and relatively inexpensive.

15. It’s fun! 
KB exercises and movements are simple, fun, unique and you can combine it with other exercise modalities. You can make it as fun as you want it to be. No more reason to be in a sweaty gym. Bring your kettlebell to a park and have the workout of your life. Save on gym membership fees and do your training where you love it the most.

16. Build a lean, muscular physique
Men see that coveted wedge shape emerge as the training creates broad shoulders, defines abdominals, builds up their arms and pares down their waists. It’s a lean look, more like Bruce Lee than Arnold.

17. Women won’t bulk up!
Women get the svelte, lean, firm shape that enhances the best of the female body. Think Sarah Connor in The Terminator, or Madonna — but in a fraction of the time those women spent chiseling out their bodies!

18. Easy to learn
Movements are simple and you can start using them right away. No matter how old or out-of-shape you are, everyone can do it and should be doing it.

19. Extremely versatile
KB’s can help you lose weight, build muscle, enhance sport performance or maintain fitness level, as well as improve quality of life as you age. 

20. Serious Cardio
KB training will make you re-think what your max heart rate is! It is the most effective overall fitness regimen available.


During the 20th century , kettlebells were used by strength athletes e.g weightlifters and “strongmen” to compliment more traditional barbell lifts. In 1948 Russians commenced kettlebell sport , whereby a man performed as many legal repetitions as possible in his chosen event(s), the snatch (weight swung with one arm straight above head ) , the clean & jerk ( 2 bells swung to chest once , and then put overhead as many times as possible) and the one armed push press.

Such was the conditioning developed by competitive gireviks that eventaully a 10 minute time limit  was imposed to allow the meeting to be completed in a reasonable time frame!

The competition press was deleted from the program for the same reason it was turfed from Olympic weightlifting : simply the event was too difficult to fairly judge.

The sport evolved from military circles to the wider population and in 1985 the first official Russian national championship was held. Since then many other nations have entered international competitions. Finally it is becoming a world sport!

Girevoy (kettlebell) sport (“GS”) as practised in Russia encompasses various tests of strength endurance . Depending upon age , sex and ability , competitors participate in various weight divisions to achieve the highest number of repetitions in a 10 minute time limit. Furthermore , the spirit of competition is enhanced by special feats such as “odd” lifts and kettlebell “relay races” after the main program is completed.

I will demonstrate the GS kettlebell sport style and the hugely popular kettlebell “fitness” which is what I mainly teach!!
Hopefully I will catch the interest and we can possible form a kettlebell club!!??
What time exactly should I arrive at the school??

The IRON Angel 

Day 13 Action: Thursday, Sept. 22 SOCCER




  • hollow rocks
  • 1:10 squat test


  • hang snatch
  • snatch balance–kH0&feature=fvwrel


  • run to Woodward Field pushing the Prowler Sled in your teams
  • 5 burpees

  • run back to CPHS pushing the Prowler
  • 10 hang snatch

Day 12 Action: Wednesday, Sept.21 THERE IS NO SUPPLEMENT FOR INTEGRITY…

There is no greater shame than waking up tomorrow the same way you woke up today!!




  • choose one or two of the other options from yesterday
  • or
  • OPTION # 6:
  • For time:
    5 muscle ups (or version)
    185/115 pound Deadlift, 10 reps
    15 GHD Sit-ups
    Sprint 50 yards
    5 muscle ups
    185/115 pound Deadlift, 10 reps
    15 GHD Sit-ups
    Sprint 100 yards
    5 Muscle ups
    185/115 pound Deadlift, 10 reps
    15 GHD Sit-ups
    Sprint 150 yards
    5 muscle ups
    185/115 pound Deadlift, 10 reps
    15 GHD Sit-ups
    Sprint 200 yards
  • OPTION #7:” CIndy” as many rounds in 20 minutes
  • 5 pull ups (or like it)
  • 10 push ups
  • 15 air squats

Day 11 Action: Tuesday, Sept. 20 PICK YOUR POISON


  • pain ball festival
  • skip rope for 100 revolutions
  • hold rope overhead/pull apart and do 10 overhead squats


WOD: Option #1 for time

  • 5 db thrusters
  • sprint 50m
  • rest 30 seconds
  • sprint 50m
  • 10 db push press
  • rest 30 seconds
  • 15 kb swings
  • sprint 50m
  • rest 30 seconds
  • 20 goblet squats
  • sprint 50m

Option #2: as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes:

  • 3 split jerks/rack jerks @ 135 lbs/95lbs
  • 6 pull ups
  • 9 push ups

Option #3: 21-15-9 for time

  •  deadlift @ 135 lbs/95 lb
  •  sit ups
  •  kb swings
  • run the loop at back of school

Option #4: for time

  • 9 Hang Power Cleans @ 115/65
  • 10 toes to bar ( or similar)
  • 6 Hang Power Cleans
  • 10 toes to bar
  • 3 Hang Power Cleans
  • 10 toes to bar

Option #5: 3 rounds for time

  • 20 bench press 1/2 to full BW
  • row 200m