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Thursday, January 26 to Wednesday, February 1: FINAL EXAM GYM HIATUS

  • Please bear with us as the students write their exams for Semster 1 – we will be back on Thursday, February 2


Day 88: Wednesday, Jan, 25 LAST DAY OF SEMESTER!

  • Well, gang, we find oursleves at the end of the semester!
  • Please finish up any testing today and hand in sheets.
  • Ask for today’s WOD if you wish to leave on a high note!
  • Make sure that you finish up your blog by summarizing your experience in the class.

Day 87: Tuesday, Jan. 24 Down to the last two days…

Day 86: Monday, Jan. 23 ONLY THREE DAYS LEFT!!

  • Where does the time go? It seems like we just started…
  • In these last three days please accomplish the following:
  1. finish all of your fitness tests ; record them and hand in sheet
  2. if you have established a CPHS record, please write it on the white board – it is a worthy accomplishment
  3. write a summary of your training on your blog: – have this done for next Wednesday
  • the weight room will be open after school Monday through Thursday.
  • it will also be open for the most part during the exam days – feel free to re-test any items you are not satisfied with

Day 85: Friday, Jan. 20 TESTING WEEK continues to continue…

  • Hey, animals! You people are making some noise with your Personal Bests. I am going to have to rewrite all of the record boards.

  • Now, this is my kinda’ chemistry lesson….


Day 84: Thursday, Jan. 19 TESTING WEEK CONTINUES

  • continue to get through your testing protocol
  • record any CPHS “top tens” on the white board
  • Photo courtesy of

Day 83: Wed., January 18 TESTING WEEK

  • Sorry that we missed the hockey action due to the Snow Day!
  • Back to the TESTING WEEK action!

Day 82: Tuesday, Jan. 17 HOCKEY ACTION AT THE RINK!

  • Don’t forget to meet at the rink for class today: helmet, stick, gloves and skates.
  •  don’t forget that on Wednesday it is back to the Testing frenzy!

Day 81: Monday, Jan. 16 TESTING WEEK

  • Here we are: TESTING WEEK! Your task is to establish new standards of performance for yourself.
  • Make sure that you are well warmed up, and then GO FOR IT! You have 5 days to get through the list.
  • If you set a new school standard, please let me know, so that we can record it!!
  • REMEMBER: this is a culmination of 5 months of training; don’t hold back.

    Riley "off the Rock" Dwyer representing CrossFit CPHS at indoor track meet


Day 80: Friday, Jan. 13 Personal Workout

  • as yesterday was a Snow Day, please complete the WOD from yesterday!
  • if you are in the middle of completing a personal workout for strength, you may do that first.
  • remember, next week we will begin Final Testing.