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Day 35: Friday, Mar. 30 Personal Workout Action

  • Holy Rip! It’s day 48 of the Burpee Challenge (don’t forget 49 and 50 this weekend!).

    CrossFit CPHS in action!







Measure your goals by the behaviors you have to support them. If you goal is to (Insert your own goal here) is what you are doing on a daily basis making the goal closer or further away. Seriously, a little self-evaluation here. Take a few minutes and write down what you want and what you are willing to do to get it. Review it daily – take a moment at the end of your day and reflect on what you did and how much it furthered the achievement of your goals. A drip of water eventually breaks the stone, it just works in small doses and is RELENTLESS. (HyperFitUSA)


  • 3 x 3 Squats @ 80%, 85%, and 90%


  • Do a Tabata of  kettlebell swings (M:53#/W:35#), then you have four minutes to complete a 400m run for time (3 laps inside or parking lot loop)
  • Do a Tabata of air squats, then you have four minutes to complete a 400m run for time.
  • Do a Tabata of push press (you pick the weight), then run 400m for time.

A Tabata is eight rounds of 20 seconds of work/10 seconds of rest. your score is total reps of each Tabata and time to complete each 400m. The faster you run, the more rest you get before the next Tabata.

(modified from CrossFit OneWorld)



Day 34: Thursday, Mar. 29 Mountain Climber Partner Challenge

The edge

Pushing the edge is where you find out who you are.

Bailey finding his edge...


Molly and Sabrina rock the WOD!




  • Day 47 of the Burpee Challenge.

For time complete the following movements with a partner.  The movements must be done in order and only one partner can work at a time.  You may set it up so that you can alternate between partners in a movement.  

10 – Hand Stand Push Ups (if you cannot do them you must put feet on a box and modify)

20 – Pull-ups (RX- chest to bar, Scaled- any way- chin over bar- bands, or partner assisted)
30 – Box Jumps (RX 24/20   Scaled 20/16)
40 – Situps (you can have your feet hooked uner dbells)
50 – GHD Back Extensions, or Barbell row with 65/45
60 – Lateral Jumps (Over Black Parallettes; barbell with plates; or mini-hurdles)
70 – Flutter Kicks (each kick counts as one)
80 – Air Squats
90 – Double-Unders (RX- full DU’s.  Scaled- 270 singles)
100 – Mountain Climbers (one knee up counts as one)

Flutter kicks:

Once you have completed the 100 mountain climbers you MUST GO BACK DOWN THE LIST (the mountain)! So you only do mountain climbers 1 time through (they are the top of the mountain!)

(taken from:

Day 33: Wed., Mar. 28 Personal Workout

  • Day 46 of the Burpee Challenge!
  • Please read the article:


3 x 3 Deadlifts @ 80%, 85%, and 90%


As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes:
9 Deadlifts (155/105)
12 Pushups with release
15 Box Jumps


  • pick an atlas stone and pick up to your shoulder from the ground 10x for time.

Day 32: Tues., Mar. 27 It’s only 420 reps!

  • Day 45 of the Burpee Challenge!
  • Today we are going to do the following workout:

WOD: (adpated from CrossFit BC)

  • 50 walking lunges
  • 25 pull ups
  • 9 burpees
  • 25 box jumps
  • 50 double unders (or 200 singles)
  • 9 burpees
  • 25 ring dips
  • 25 knees to elbows
  • 9 burpees
  • 50 KB swings
  • 25 sit ups
  • 9 burpees
  • 25 db hang squat cleans 20/30
  • 50 Good Mornings (with PVC pipe)
  • 9 burpees
  • 25 wal lballs 14/20


Day 31: Mon., Mar. 26 Personal Workout Action

  • Day 44 of the Burpee Challenge!
  • This weekend the CPHS men represented the Garnet and Gold at a Hockey tourney in Peterborough – your exceptional male staff came home with the coveted Red shirts and the Championship!
  • The CrossFit Open Games are now over – congratulations to Lachlan Brown, Jake Johns, Riley Dwyer, Jack Glover, Mike Rollins and Coach D for participating. Results to follow!


3 x 3 Bench Press @ 80%, 85%, and 90%


“Cindy”: as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes

  • 5 pull ups
  • 10 push ups
  • 15 air squats

Day 30: Fri., Mar. 23 Personal Workout Action

  • Thanks to everyone for being so responsive at the beach yesterday!
  • We had a surprise visit from the Director of Education, Mr. David K. Thomas, yesterday at lunch – he is absolutely impressed with the facility!
  • Most people seem to be well on track with their programs. Ask questions aboout the blogging process today!


3 x 5 Squats @ 75%, 80% and 85%

Then, choose one of the following  WODs:

 “Helen” 3 rounds for time:

  •  400m run
  • 21 KB Swings
  • 12 pull ups

Seven times seven: 7 rounds of the following for time:

  • 7 push ups
  • 7 push press
  • 7 knees to elbows (knees up)
  • 7 deadlifts
  • 7 burpees
  • 7 KB swings
  • 7 pull ups

Track Workout:

  • run to track
  • perform 10 bench hop ups
  • run 1 lap
  • perform 10 wall balls against track shed
  • run 1 lap
  • perform 10 jumping lunges
  • run 1 lap
  • perform 10 V-up sit ups
  • run 1 lap
  • perform 10 jumping jacks
  • run back to school

Day 29: Thurs., Mar. 22 Goin to the beach?…..

  • Good luck is extended to the animals who are performing the Open Games WOD 12.5 (7 minutes of thrusters and Chest-to-bar pull ups…)
  • Today’s workout will be over at the beach; bring water bottles; water shoes and a towel (if need be)

    Outside action

Sabrina and Molly workout under the tree!


Megan checks her booty shadow








BEACH WOD: Complete the following in any order

  • 20 pull ups
  • 41 burpees (yup! – Day 41 of the Burpee Challenge)
  • flip the tire from cone to cone
  • run the stairs at the beach end of canoe club 10 x
  • 20 med ball sit ups with partner (each)
  • 5 beach sprints from cone to cone
  • 10 push ups with feet on swings (or a 1 minute plank with feet on swings)
  • 20 thrusters with at least 40# bar (65# recommended for girls; 95# for boys)
  • slosh pipe carry for distance
  • attempt the rope climb and swing set walk-across with hands
  • attempt to walk on your hands as far as possible
RELAY ACTION (at end of class):
  • bear crawl to water from curb
  • complete 10 water squats
  • 10 sit ups with butt in water at edge of shore
  • tag partner at curb

Day 28: Wed., Mar. 21 Personal Workout


Deadlift: 3 x 5 @ 75%, 80%, 85%


3 rounds:

1 minute max calorie Row
1 minute max rep Box jump (30/24 inch)
1 minute max rep KB swing (53#/35#)
1 minute rest


run the St. Mary’s loop (do 4 burpees to start; 8 at each corner; 4 to finish)

You have completed Day 40 of the Burpee Challenge

Jake Burke's sweat angel


Day 27: Tues., Mar. 20 Team Comp Action!

  • Great work by everyone yesterday…
  • mostly everyone – remember, when it says “rest for 2 minutes”; set a timer, and don’t hang out under the trees chatting
  • when you slack, it makes all of us look bad; and it makes you look like a tool…

    Chantal showws her kegger abilities!

Team Comp WOD:

  •  I will divide you into two teams.

WOD#1: on front lawn (2 barbells per team; 2 x 25# plates; 2 x 10# plates; one mat per team)

  • Barbell overhead walk (you must make 8  trips with 95 pounds and 6 trips with 65 pounds) – everyone must make at least 1 trip
  • 300 sit ups amongst team; one person at a time; one person may hold feet ; then switch; 2o sit ups each; then any others who are fresh can complete)

WOD#2: parking lot (1 rope per team; 1 prowler; 2 x 25# plates per team; 1 skipping rope per team; 1 tire per team)

  • sit in tire; brace feet; pull prowler sled to tire with rope; then push to cone where tire started); 8 trips with plates; 6 trips with no plates)
  • 750 skip ropes (everyone must do at least 50)

WOD#3: back of school on top of hill (1 x 16kg KB per team; 1 x 8kg KB per team)

  • team will start 1/2 of team on  bottom of hill at cone facing the water/ other 1/2 is on other side facing the school; one peson races to top; picks up KB and does 10 swings; race to bttom and tag partner; repeat until your team has completed 150KB swings.
  • when done team must complete 150 Pull ups using the tree branch)


  • Oh yeah – Day 39 of Burpee Challenge

Day 26: Mon., Mar. 19 Let’s get back at ‘er!

Off the Rock Riley after WOD 12.4!


  • It is time to get right into our training. I assume everyone had a resetful and invigorating March Break…
  • Break’s over, recruits! It is time to get your personal training program into full swing. Please see me if you are having issues.
  • I will post a Strength WOD and a Met-Con WOD every day for those people who wish to follow my programming.
  • I want to order new t-shirts and Hoodies, so please check with me re: prices and timelines.

“I wanna work my core…”


3 x 5 Bench Press @ 75%, 80%, 85%


5 rounds of the following

  • 200 M Run
  • 30 Squats
  • 8 Burpees
  • 200 M Run

REST 2 minutes bewteen rounds


  • Prowler Push for 100m (4 trips @ 25m each)

You completed Day 38 of the Burpee Challenge by doing today’s WOD!