Day 1: Tuesday, September 4 It’s Time for a Change….


First things first!  I want to welcome you to another school year. I trust you are ready for the challenges of a new year! You have obviously enrolled in Strength and Conditioning, and I appreciate your commitment to change. The PE staff at CPHS have worked diligently to bring you Quality Daily Health and Physical Education.

Before we get too far : the room…. why the change; what is yet to be done!

Here’s the run-down for our FIRST class:

  1. A quick introduction about your teacher/coach/trainer…Mr. Dickie
  2. A powerpoint presentation outlining course objectives, expectations, etc.
  3. Course handouts and Off-Campus permission forms (get em’ signed people)
  4. A walk-thru of our Fitness website (what’s available, how to use it, what not to do, etc.)
  5. Q & A
  6. Online assignment, class discussion
  7. Dismissed

This course involves your complete engagement! Please ASK questions and seek thorough answers!

– Coach Dickie

  1. You enrolled in Strength and Conditioning. Now, explain “why” you chose to take it. What made you decide to select this class as one of your options? Use complete sentences.
  2. Have you ever “worked out” or trained before? Do you currently workout? If so, detail a typical workout routine/training day. IF you DO NOT or HAVE NOT worked out, describe what you think a typical workout/training day will look like.
  3. What are you looking forward to in this class? What are you worried about?

Post answers to all three questions to “comments”. Use you first and last names when submitting comments.


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PE Teacher at Carleton Place High School

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  1. 1. I chose this course to get ready for my up and coming year in motocross I want to be more ready then I have ever been. This is a good way to start.
    2. Yes I have worked out all summer but I have recently lost my trainer so I have been doing it on my own, I don’t know good routines that I should be doing and dickies class so far has been way harder then the workout I have been doing and more benificail towards my goal.
    3. I am looking forward to working hard and making this class worth it, hopefully can get stronger and be better in everything! No worries coming into this course.

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