Day 12: Thursday, Spetember 20


The Spice Must Flow
For time
10x Push-press (1/2 bw)
25x Push-ups
15x Hang power clean (3/4 bw)
25x Pull-ups
20x Back squats (bw)
25x Sit-ups
25x Deadlift (1.5x bw)
25x Box jumps (24 inch)
Row (2x your age in calories)


For time
Run 400m
40x DB push press (40#/30#)
40x Squat jumps
40x Sumo deadlift high pull (75#/55#)
40x Push-ups
40x Thrusters (45#)
40x Broad jumps
40x Hand to hand KB swings (53#/36#)
40x Star jumps
400x Jump rope singles

The Big Dirty
1 round
All lifts performed with empty 45# bar
Run 40om (use track or run around school outside once)
40x Back squats
40x Front squats
40x Overhead squats
Run 400m
40x Shoulder press
40x Push press
40x Push jerks
Run 400m
40x Hang power cleans
40x Hang power snatch
Run 400m


For time
Row 500ms
20x Pull-ups
20x Thrusters (75#)
Run 400m
20x KB swings (53#)
20x Pull-ups
20x Box jumps (24 inch)
20x Thrusters
Run 400m
20x Box jumps
Row 500m


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PE Teacher at Carleton Place High School

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