Wednesday, July 10 Gym open at 9:00 am

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  • Great workout by the DICFIT crew last night!
  • gym is open at 9:00 am 


  • This is a suggestion for anyone to try in the month of July – it is from CrossFit OneWorld – it will  be very challenging if done as Rx’d
  • I will give suggestions for scaling if necessary (THIS IS A MASTER’S WOD, but we can scale it for the youngsters)

You may use a rack for this entire workout. You will use only one bar, so you must strip the weight prior to doing the shoulder to overhead. The squat must be below parallel and you must fully open your hip at the top. Shoulder to overhead is press, push press, push jerk, or split jerk. No behind the neck pressing movements. In the shoulder to overhead, you must be locked out overhead, show control, and not have your feet moving. Standards are typical to any CrossFit competition. 

Other Suggested WOD:



1 st MINUTE – 5 Pull Ups – 10 Push Ups – 15 Squats*

2 nd MINUTE – 4 Pull Ups – 8 Push Ups – 12 Squats*

3 rd MINUTE – 3 Pull Ups – 6 Push Ups – 9 Squats **

REST 2 minutes between each round

4 rounds

*For MINUTES 1 & 2 after you COMPLETE the WORK you have the remaining time to REST

**MINUTE 3 – AFTER YOU COMPLETE the WORK  you have the remaining time to COMPLETE MAX REPS :

Round 1 – max reps goblet squats

Round 2 – max reps pendlay rows 115/65

Round 3 – max reps toes to elbows

Round 4  – max reps KB Swings 24/ 16 KG



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