Day 10: Monday, September 16

Photo: Magnus discusses "strength" with CrossFit CPHS crew


Photo: Me, Kinger and Magnus

  • What can I say? Having Magnus come into our class Friday was an absolute joy! 
  • CrossFit CPHS would like to thank Wally Thorbjornsson for arranging this for us!!
  • I would also like to thank all of the kids, adults, the Upper Canada DSB, Mark Calder, and the CTV news crew for being so supportive

Photo: Spending time with the World's Strongest Man and the World's Best Arm Wrestler!

  • I also had the chance to introduce Devon Larratt (the World Arm Wrestling champion) to Magnus – total testosterone!
  • And to cap a wild weekend, some of us from DICFIT went to judge at the Underground Series finale in Ottawa


  • it is imperative to properly warm up and mobilize before any maximal effort
  • ask for help if you are unsure of strategy…

TESTING ITEMS: all of these test must be performed today

  • 1 rep max bench press
  • max pull ups
  • sit ups in a minute
  • 500m row

A WOD will always be available for those who finish early and need a fix!


About crossfitcphs

PE Teacher at Carleton Place High School

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