Day 43: Wednesday, November 6

  • Congratulations to the Senior Girls Basketball team – Lanark County Champs!
  • good job by all CrossFitters who made it through the entire workout yesterday – it was a grinder…

  • a video on one of the very best CrossFit gyms around…. Outlaw North
  • coincidentally, our somewhat longer video hit youtube as well today!
  • I will post the link tomorrow


  • Squats 5, 3 , 1 reps @ 85%, 90% and 95%
  • make sure you hit depth

Met-Con WOD:

Station 1:

  • partner A holds a 25 pound plate outstretched in front of face
  • partner B rows 200m
  • switch each round

Station 2:

  • partner A runs three trips of main stairs
  • partner B holds a plank

Station 3:

  • partner A flips the tire 10 x
  • partner B sledgehammers tire 5 x each flip

Station 3:

  • partner A runs lap outside school
  • partner B does wall ball

Station 4:

  • partner A does 20 GHD bench press with bar
  • partner B OHS with bar

Station 5:    

  • partner A does 30 calories on Airdyne
  • partner B hold bottom of front squat with a bar (or more)

Station 6:

  • partner A does 30x Russian twists with med ball
  • partner B does jumping lunges

Station 7:

  • partner A does biceps “21”
  • partner B does sandbag overhead press

Station 8:

  • partner A does a sprint down hall and back twice
  • partner B does linked standing long jumps for distance

Station 9:

  • partner A does 200 skips
  • partner B does push press with bar

Station 10:

  • partner A does 4/8 Front Squats/Back Squats @ 70% of FS max
  • partner B coaches



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PE Teacher at Carleton Place High School

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