Daily Archives: March 6, 2014

Day 24: Thursday, March 6 Final Testing Day

  • I can honestly say that everyone has taken their Testing very seriously!
  • Exceptional effort and results already!
  • When we return from the Break, we will be using our Strength Testing numbers to generate our 5/3/1 poundages for Bench Press, Clean, Squats, Strict Shoulder Press and Deadlift.
  • I will create a master spreadsheet that people can use to print off their workout numbers for the first 4 week cycle.
  • Click on Journal Articles at the top of our Blog and scroll down to the last item: Wendler 5/3/1 Manual. Click on the hyperlink and read it!

Photo: Why I'm going to the gym today....



  • this is the last Testing item from our list
  • go as hard as you can on this
  • again – full-range motion is necessary
  • if you have a Strength item to finish, do┬áit before the workout
  • I will provide some skills to work on when you are done the test (and have had some rest)