Day 41: Tuesday, April 8


Competition breeds intensity

“CrossFit teaches that intensity is the variable most associated with positive change. The more intensity you put into a workout the more your body will adapt and get better. In our everyday WODs, we often get in the habit of only attempting the same movements and weights every time. As soon as we see pull-ups, we head straight for the band…when we see the prescribed weight, immediately cut it in half. As soon as we get out of breath, we slow down and take a break.

But, when you compete, an amazing thing happens. You push just a little bit harder. You go for one more rep before resting. You run that 400m just a little bit faster. Do that consistently, and before you know it, you’re stronger and faster than before. A little bit of intensity pays large dividends.” (Coach Brian,



Very impressive effort by all athletes today!

  • adding in some running and sprinting is going to add another component to our fitness levels
  • the running will get easier!
  • we will combine our Cleans with Squats (that is we will do both Strength components) on Wednesday
  • we are going to allow Mr. Zeeman’s class to use the weight room today
  • as a result, we will do some Performance Testing in the gymnasium

Performance Test #1:

  • Underhand Med Ball Throw for distance

Performance Test #2:

  • T- Agility Sprint

Performance Test #3:

  • 40 yard dash

Performance Test #4:

  • Farmer’s Carry for 2 minutes

Performance Test #5:

  • Three Jump Long Jump



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