Day 30: Wednesday, October 15

Jin watches as Jasper and Kevin laugh through Glute Bridges

Jin watches as Jasper and Kevin perform Glute Bridges:)


Training with Integrity (from a post by Alissa Ackerman Tabata Times)

“Are you asking the best of yourself in training? Are you pursuing excellence? Are you throwing a weight around with terrible form and counting that as a rep? Are you selling yourself short, or are you challenging yourself?”

“Training with integrity means being consistently asking the best of yourself. Never getting complacent. Executing proper form with light weights and with heavy weights. Focusing on quality over quantity. I don’t care that you can do 100 reps of whatever weight with terrible form. You don’t look like a badass. And you won’t look like a badass in rehab either. Not only should bad reps not count, but they also have the potential to damage your body. Training with integrity often involves no-repping yourself as part of a commitment to quality. Especially when no one else is watching. “



  • 5 Man/Woman on Fire Burpees
  • 5 each Jump over kneeling partner/scoot through under partner


  • 5, 3, 1 reps of Squats @ 85%, 90% and 95%
  • remember to crank out one or two extra reps on the last set if you have gas in the tank…

Met-Con WOD:

2 rounds of the following:

  • run one loop around outside of school (if raining, 3 laps of halls) while pinching bumper plates (25/15)
  • 40 Wall Balls with partner (side by each)
  • 30 Med Ball Sit Ups with partner – ball must be thrown and not passed (feet must be at least 4 feet apart)
  • 20 OHS with your partner (in unison) using plate from run loop
  • 10 Deadlifts with partner ( 80% of “less strong” partner’s Max DL)


  • collect 2 minutes in a perfect Plank with a plate on back (can be broken into 30 second segments)

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