Day 54: Wednesday, November 19

Coach Kelly demonstrates a sweet pre-Squat mobility piece:)

  • Coach Strachan and I are very pleased with the extraordinary progress people are making:)
  • The number of PRs in the Bench Press and Clean are very impressive!
  • Given that Tuesday’s Met-Con WOD was so demanding, we have decided that the focus for Wednesday will centre around establishing a new 1 rep Max in the Squat.
  • It is (as always) imperative to warm up well, and then use some warm-up sets to work your way up to your Max.
  • Recall that proper depth must be achieved in your squats
  • Safety rails/spotters are necessary today.


  • Take 30 minutes to Establish a 1 rep Max Squat


Retest your Testing Items (it has been 8 weeks since we did our Initial testing):

  • find Max Strict Pull Ups
  • find Max Push Ups
  • find Max Sit Ups in 1 minute

Melissa puts in the time at CrossFit CPHS Varsity practice.

Melissa Harvie with solid Overhead position


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PE Teacher at Carleton Place High School

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