Day 88: Wednesday, January 21

  • We are coming to the end of a very exciting and successful semester in our Strength and Conditioning course
  • It is next to impossible to describe and illustrate the scope of success stories….
  • Strength increases; skill development; muscle gain/fat loss; changes in eating and lifestyle behaviours and attitudes; knowledge acquisition; friendships; and a host of other intangible gains have all been realized!
  • for some of you, you have no Strength and Conditioning credit to force and allow you to continue to progress, so you have to choose how to move forward….
  • the weight room is open after school Monday to Thursday
  • CrossFit CPHS Varsity is available every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00 to 4:45
  • I can open most lunches
  • Check out CrossFit DSF and talk to Else – you get a free trial
  • Heritage Fitness is always open
  • Take advantage of your current fitness level and continue to build on it


(quote by Lisbeth Darsh)


15-10-5 of the following:

  • KB Swing
  • KB “round the worlds”
  • Goblet Squats


  • you may do any of the Testing items that you have missed (or were grossly unhappy with)
  • other options involve 1 rep Max Overhead Squat


  • Most of you folks have not done this yet, so it must be done today!
  • Everyone is aware of the appropriate scaling options, but check with Coach first before we start.


20 minute AMRAP of the following:

  • 5 Pull Ups
  • 10 Push Ups
  • 15 Air Squats

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PE Teacher at Carleton Place High School

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