Day 32: Thursday, March 26


  • 10 V-Ups
  • 10 Cossack Squats


  • 3 sets of 5 reps of Strict Shoulder Press @ 75%, 80% and 85% (plus 5 pounds)

Met-Con WOD:

  • Mr. Matheson and I will divide the class into 4 teams.
  • We are completely uninterested in what team you wish to be on…
  • Teams will be based on the concept that we would like them evenly balanced


  • each person will row 15 strokes
  • the monitor must stop completely before the next person rows
  • start again and repeat the pattern until each team has rowed 200 strokes
  • SCORE is number of total metres for the team


  • each person will run to the cone in the hallway; perform 5 Burpees and return to tag the next team member
  • this will happen until each team has completed 100 Burpees
  • SCORE is the time to complete the task


  • each person will Push Press the given weight 10 times – weight must start on the shoulders and proper “head through the window” finish position must be obvious each rep
  • the bar cannot touch the ground at any point or a 15 Air Squat penalty is assigned
  • this will happen until each team has completed 200 reps
  • SCORE is the time to complete the task


  • your team needs to complete as many Sit Ups as possible in 6 minutes
  • only 2 people can perform Sit Ups at a time
  • 2 other team members must hold a barbell overhead while reps are counted
  • if the barbell comes to shoulders, subtract 5 reps each time
  • SCORE is the total Sit Ups (minus penalties)


  • your team must run the halls carrying a Med Ball (20 for lads, 14 for the ladies)
  • as many lengths of the halls in 5 minutes
  • SCORE is total number of lengths

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PE Teacher at Carleton Place High School

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