Day 7: Wednesday, September 16


  • 5 Man/Woman on Fire Burpees
  • 5 rounds of Junkyard Dog with your partner


  • Prowler Push

Met-Con WOD:

  • The class will be divided into 3 teams
  • Every member of the team must push the Prowler at some point from a cone to a cone
  • Every team must carry the following equipment somehow:
  • 2  KBs (every team will carry a men’s and a women’s weight)
  • 1 35# bar
  • 1 15# bar
  • 1 skipping rope
  • 1 Wall Ball

Your team will push the Prowler, and carry the equipment, out of the parking lot, right on Lake Avenue West, and straight on down towards the Boat Launch at the end.

Your team must stop at each orange pylon and perform the required work at each station.

Everyone must shoulder the work.


  • 10 Sit Ups


  • 25 single under skips


  • 10 thrusters with 35# bar


  •  10 picnic table jump-ups (jump to bench portion)


  • 20 mountain climbers


  • 10 KB swings 


  • 12 Goblet Squats 

STATION #8: turn left onto path

  • 12 Push Press with 35# or 15# bar

STATION #9: on top of hill behind the school

  • run to top of hill and complete 5 hand-release push ups; run down and tag next team member

STATION #10: push Prowler towards Canoe Club

  • 10 Wall Ball on back of Canoe Club wall

STATION #11: push Prowler to corner of parking lot and gate

  • all equipment, the Prowler and team members must run the entire outside of ball diamond fence and retuen to weight room
  • put all gear away properly and sit on front steps for time clock to stop

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PE Teacher at Carleton Place High School

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