Day 53: Tuesday, May 2


  • Run  1 lap
  • 10 Prisoner Squats
  • 10 Double KB Front Squats
  • 10 Bulgarian Split Squats (10 each leg)
  • 10 Split Jerks with bar

Image result for bulgarian split squat

*Bulgarian Split Squats


  • take up to 25 minutes to establish a current 1 rep Max Clean and Jerk

Met-Con WOD:

PART A> since we didn’t get to do this on Monday

5 rounds for time of:

  • 12 Air Squats
  • 12 Push Ups
  • 12 Walking Lunges with 25/15 KBs or DBs
  • 200m Row/Ski/Airdyne or run 1 outer loop + 1 inner loop


  • 10 Kneeling Pallof Presses with Rubber Band
  • 5 Skin the Cats on the rings
  • 10 Hip Extensions on GHD 
  • 5 Leg Raises (or attempts) with Med Ball
  • 10 Kneeling One Arm KB Strict Press
  • 5 Rope Climbs



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