Mr. Dickie’s class utilizes an online logging system. All workouts will be posted on the main page prior to class (usually the day before). It is the responsibility of the student to POST their own results to the “comments” section of the workout post. Students are also required to maintain a personal blog. On it, you will post journal article assignments as well as keep your own workout log. A hand-written version for this is fine, but it is the RESPONSIBILITY of the STUDENT to submit hand-written training logs at the end of each week to be eligible for training log marks. Click here to review the steps to create your personal blog.

There will be a MIDTERM  and FINAL Training Log grade. All assignments given up to those two points must be complete and inside your blog/training log.

GRADING – 4 = excellent, 3 = very good, 2 = satisfactory, 1 = needs improvement, 0 = incomplete

I will grade the results you post to “comments” ONLY. Remember, personal logs (online or written) will serve as a midterm and final “training log” grade. You must post daily results as well.

  • Your first AND last name (in the “name” field)
  • Class and/or Period
  • Location
  • Workout results (times, loads, etc.)
  • Workout type (as recommended or “rx’d”; scaled version, or “SC”)
  • Personal thoughts and comments (short paragraph)
  • Outlook on tomorrow, goals, updates.

Here’s an example workout, followed by an example log entry…


Three rounds for time of:

  • 400m run
  • 25 pullups
  • 50 double-unders
  • 25 overhead squats, 95#
Post your time and impressions to “comments”. If you chose to scale any movements or loads, indicate that as well.

Log Entry…

Jimmy Johnson

Time = 21:42 (scaled)

I used 65# instead of 95# for the overhead squats. I also did TRX rows instead of pullups.

This workout was miserable. Going from double-unders to overhead squats was really challenging. I found it hard to support the bar overhead while trying to catch my breath. Completing them, even with the lighter weight, really hurt my time. I felt pretty decent on the runs, and the rows didn’t hurt too much today, as I was able to do all of them unbroken! I think I would like to start incorporating more regular pullups into my training (I really wish we had more pullup areas!).

Solid workout…looking forward to tomorrow’s REST DAY.

  1. im looking forward to get this class going,

  2. looks like we are gonna be in more pain for the next few days haha

  3. so far its been great class really pushing me

  4. hurts to walk, bend, crouch,sit. exactly how it should feel, awsome.

  5. This class is intense and incredibly fun, so far i feel a really nice shooting pain in my muscles

  6. Long story short, Sh*t happens… (Ultimate Frisbee) intense and really fun sport

  7. So far the class has been really fun, getting me in the shape i want to be at for hockey, looking to play junior next year. I will need to gain some wait but i want that to all be muscle, I want to push my self to the breaking point then hope you will push me further.

    • Brett,

      Thanks for letting me know!

      We did a great outside workout – check ot the blog and video that goes with it!

      We can pack the muscle on you – fat is not soemthing you will have to deal with your high firing metabolism.

  8. can’t wait for more workouts just cant get enough of the good feeling after you have done an awesome workout

  9. Sorry, missed class again, i will do my best today but i hurt my groin, and have a head injury from hockey. Still push me but im not 100 percent, thought i would let you know ahead of time.

  10. That was a great workout today wish to get her back in as it was fun, can’t wait till monday. The ropes were hard but I’d love t o do them more often.

  11. I was wondering if it was possible for me to spend a day with the goalies of the Ottawa Senators to seee how they train, and what they do to stay at there peak performance. I was offered a spot to run a goalie camp for younger goalies and it would be great too get there opinion on how things should be run. It would be a paid co-op and if i got the level 1 coaching then I could run it.

  12. you know sometimes you surprise urself with the amount of weight you can lift and this class has been pushing me to do better in every category

  13. Yesterday was a blast i can feel it in my traps. Hope we can do more of this.

  14. Oh and also i was wondering when we we get to start our own workout to focus on what we feel the need to work on.

  15. awesome workout, cant wait to make my own and see how i do

  16. wow im tired, the idea of pushing yourself is awsome and im going to continue to do it

  17. Hey sorry been out sick, just able to eat something, and hold it down, i cant workout, got my workouts ready and i will try and train over the weekend. At the hospital yesterday, they pumped 1998ml of saleen into me as i couldnt drink anything. I need to know what i can do to fix my pulled muscles from dry heiving, it is in my upper abs and right around my ribs, if you could tell me in class i would really appreciate it, once again sorry and i will make up for it, i know it is only hurting me sitting out but i need to in order to play hockey and not let down my team as im the only goalie.

  18. It was a great workout today, most were very productive and in some pain.
    P.S. one foot fell out of the GHD machine, i forgot to raise it higher

  19. What am i? i am person who strives to be nothing short of the best, i am the person who when faced with adversity just tries harder, as if you think it could phase me!

  20. Hey, about the assembly, i needed to finish a project and didnt know how long it would be, so sorry for skipping it. Also on WOD #1 should it be 10x push ups. I was also wondering if it was possible for us to go to the rink on tuesday.

  21. The workout today was awsome, we ended up dropping the wait for the 120 seconds as it got pretty hard but it was fun, it ws more ur arms got tired not that the weight was to much.

  22. Remember to book the ice

  23. Hey dickie i just wanted to know if you and i could talk about designing a program to get my legs quicker, stonger and so on. Let me know when you can.

  24. Sorry dickie couldn’t find you, where is ur msip tmrw and i’ll come and talk wiht you

  25. with not wiht

  26. I was wondering if i could do my 2 credit co-op in the summer with a goalie camp.

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